Broken Halos

Broken Halos


This encaustic landscaper titled "Broken Halos" was has been wired and is ready to hang in your home.

Broken Halos

Encaustic (Beeswax and Resin) and Pigment Stick on Wood Panel


Please note, colors may vary slightly in real life from the photographs due to different monitors. I do my best to make sure the colors I see on screen are as close to the original artwork as possible.


Encaustic is a wax-based paint made of beeswax, resin, and pigment. The mixture is heated to about 170 degrees Fahrenheit and kept at a molten state for painting. The encaustic paint is applied to a rigid surface. After each layer is applied, the piece is fused by blowtorch or heat gun. This technique creates a unique texture and vibrancy that’s difficult to reproduce in other mediums.

Caring for your encaustic painting:

Works in encaustic should be cared for as you would any fine art piece. This includes keeping the painting out of the direct sunlight and avoiding extreme temperatures. Encaustic can be wiped clean with a soft lint free cloth.

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